10 Reasons Why Blogging Should Top Your Marketing
10 Reasons Why Blogging Should Top Your Marketing
The importance of writing articles to your long-term success in business Nowadays, we operate our business in the world of relationship marketing and content marketing. There is no longer a need for "push" marketing where big advertising campaigns were an effective method of getting the word out about your product and services. Now it's everything about "pull" marketing where we are looking to draw our prospective customers into our company and give them the chance to learn about them, trust and love us before doing business with us. One of the most effective method to gain the benefits of relationship marketing is via blogging. This is not a new concept and numerous marketers have been doing this for a few years now. So why are so many entrepreneurs and business owners not interested in blogging? I encourage every client I work with to blog, but only a small percentage actually take the plunge. Instead of fully acknowledging the advantages of blogging for business I receive a myriad of excuses such as:
  • I don't have the time
  • I'm unable to write.
  • I can't be bothered because it's just too much work
  • I don't know what to write about.
  • I don't know what to do to start a blog.
  • I'm not sure if I can see the value, my target market doesn't follow blogs.
  • And the list goes to...
While some of these motives can be quite legit for people's minds but when it comes down in the end, they'll find that the most significant reason for resistance is inability to commit to this extremely effective marketing strategy. What they don't realize is once that commitment is made it's amazing how the HOW is revealed and then it's time to write and knowing what to write about DOES come into existence. It happened to me too and it's likely to happen to you. Over the years I used many of these excuses. If you've been a subscriber of ours for the long period, you'll remember my first newsletters were not all that frequent and sporadic (I had to be lucky if I had one sent out every 4 to 6 months) but they were epic novels. For more detail please visit>>> https://freier-falke.de/ https://gabpro.de/ https://haflingerfreunde.de/ https://irgendwo-in.de/ https://jour-fitz.de/ I was literally getting myself into a position to not complete them as often. They required a lot of time, effort and energy - something I didn't have and so I tried to do them as often as was possible. The process took me quite a while before I realized that I did not need to cover everything in EVERY newsletter. After all, there is some merit to a flurry of information that overwhelms the readers. I'm betting that only a small portion of my writing never got read... But to be honest, because one of my Sacred Gifts is the gift of information, I was compelled (and remain) to communicate the entirety of my expertise with every newsletter! Since then I've become much more savvy and organized about blog posts and newsletters. I've for the last year, I've posted at a minimum of two blog posts each week and sending out the weekly newsletter. In addition I'm talking about newsletters because the two are very much interspersed - newsletters and blogging are inextricably linked. I'll elaborate on this in a moment. The first thing to discuss is why you should blog. It's crucial to know that there are two groups that you want to read your blog posts: Search Engines and Potential Clients. With this in mind Here are 10 reasons why blogging should be at the top of your marketing checklist:
  1. Plus SEO Traffic
Keywords that relate to your business will attract qualified customers back to website who are seeking solutions in those areas. This is the essence of search engine optimization all about : getting recognized by the indexes so that people seeking your kind of product or service can actually locate you. It is important to utilize relevant phrases and keywords that your potential clients are using when typing in their search queries. So putting yourself in your potential client's head is essential when creating topics, categories and keywords for each article you write.
  1. More search Engine Standings
For people to discover your blog on search engines, your blog post needs to be seen as high in results as it is possible. If you're ranked on page 5, chances are slim your blog will be found by anyone. The best part is that new content shows the search engines that your website is still alive and well and you will be recognized as such. The more frequently you blog , the greater chance the search engines will place your ranking in search results. Alongside the regularity, popular content also informs search engines that your website deserves higher rankings. The more people that get involved with your blog posts and the more you profit from this recognition. This is the reason you need for your readers to leave comments at the bottom of your blog and get some conversation going. (After you've read this article, please post in the comments section below and share your most memorable takeaways from the article!) Another advantage of search engine blogging is the ability to establish inbound hyperlinks within the content of your blog post. These links may lead to other pages within your website you wish the readers to reference. Inbound links signal to search engines that other pages on your website must be popular due to the fact that they are being linked to. Therefore, your website will be awarded better rankings.
  1. Enhance Credibility
Each time you write an article on your blog that shares your expertise and knowledge by presenting yourself as a thought-leader in your industry and gaining credibility as someone who is respected by your readers. Blogging also gives you the chance to present yourself as an expert and passionate in the areas you write about. Your passion for writing can be an effective motivation for people to engage in transactions with your. It also offers you the chance to present your personality, ideas as well as your values and beliefs - that can all help build your credibility in the eyes of your ideal audience.
  1. Build community
If you continue to write on issues that relate to your target market, the more they will feel like they are a part of your community... the inner circle. It is a the opportunity to create an "know, like and trust" quality with them. The more that this happens the more they'll be able to trust you as a business partner with. So when writing, you want to share stories that people relate to and feel like they are able to relate to them. Keep building that trust.
  1. Create Sharable Social Media Content
Each time you post a blog post you can post it on social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc. This can be done automatically using WordPress but I do not recommend this. Instead, make sure you are using the plugin for social sharing on your computer and manually share your articles. It allows you to write in a personal note and intentionally share the post in the best time. Every post can be published to various article curation platforms such as Buffer, Feedly, Spunge!t, Scoop!t, Digg, Stumble Upon, and many others. Of course, your followers can also promote your blog posts to THEIR followers, which increases your brand's reach significantly. You can utilize the buttons on the left and tweet this post with your social media followers This would be greatly appreciated!
  1. Provides Newsletter Content
As I mentioned, your blogging efforts are interwoven with your newsletter. When I mail out our weekly newsletters, they include the words "feature article" which, you've guessed it is the blog post I wrote the week before! So all you need to do is write the blog post and then in your newsletter, write an introduction to the article and a short teaser for the article to ensure that your subscribers will then click on the "Read more" link and will be directed to your blog to read the entire article.
  1. Create Better Customer Relationships
When you write on a consistent basis and delivering those articles to your database of customers and clients you have already and customers, they'll feel that they didn't have to be abandoned by you. Your posts will allow them to feel you continue to support the needs of their family and friends and that you will continue to be a source of information that they can turn to and seek advice from. All of this builds a stronger and ongoing relationship with them. Additionally, you have the chance to communicate what's new not just in your company but also within your industry. Blogging allows you to keep your customers and your followers on the forefront of developments. Lastly, writing articles allows your clients to get acquainted with you on a deeper level. Don't be afraid of sharing your past experiences and how you overcame these, or stories from the present related to a lesson. These all help solidify the sense that you're all in this together.
  1. Create Leads and Build Opportunities
Never write an essay that serves no meaning. Before you begin writing, apart from sharing your knowledge, consider the goal of your piece. What do you want readers to take away from it? If the purpose of your posts is to create leads for business include the call to action at the end of every post asking people to either get in touch with you to inquire about more details or to build your list by requiring them to sign up for your newsletter to receive one of your giveaways for free. If they continue to enjoy what you write about in your blog posts it is natural that they want be notified via email by your newsletter each time you write and add an article to your blog.
  1. Repurposed for Article Directories
Once an article is written for your blog, it isn't the only way to post it! There are a variety of websites that provide an index of articles. Article repositories receive submissions from anyone , and if accepted the article will be displayed in their site. A few directory sites that are examples include many fantastic directories. You may also share your content on LinkedIn Pulse and Medium for more exposure.
  1. Unlocks New Doors that can lead to Opportunities as well as Global Networking
Finally, as a result of these factors that increase your visibility as a brand by a significant amount when you blog on a consistent basis. This means that more people become aware of you, which opens up an opportunity to develop JV partnerships with those that complement your company, becoming a guest writer on other blogs, getting invited for expert interviews and many more. There you have it! Are you prepared to get committed to blogging now? Blogging is one of the strongest long-term strategies that you can do for your company. If you're not writing regularly on your blog already, you shouldn't ignore it's advantages anymore. So , I would suggest you forget the excuses and do what is required to not just add a blog to your site but also to create an organized editorial calendar in order to reap the advantages of a business's finances. And if you need help and support, we are here each day to assist our clients.Give me the number and we'll talk about ways we can assist you to create your own blog!

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